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                                 "Making a difference"

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"Making a Difference" all over Indiana and beyond

This Young Marine, YM/SSgt Mariah Henk recently received the Rainbow Medal from the Marine Corps League, the newly established Unit award; the annual Larry Eckhardt award for Community Service and recently made the front page of a Newspaper, all for her continuous community service excellence.  We are very proud to have Mariah in our Unit.  Please click on the link below and check out the article.



The Indiana Young Marines are conducting their 2nd annual Winter Encampment at Turkey Run. This is open to all Indiana Young Marines, ages 12 and up who can brave the cold for a couple days. (sorry, no recruits)

The cost per Young Marine has been reduced to $25 for the weekend.  If you are attending from another Unit in the State, please contact Speedway Young Marines FIRST, to let them know.  You may be required to bring a Unit tent from your Unit as our tents are limited.  

Check-in time starts at 17:30 on Friday, February 27th at 

Turkey Run State Park - 8121 E. Park Rd. Marshall, Indiana 47859

Please drop off your Young Marines whenever you can between 17:30 and 21:00. If you are not able to make it to the site Friday night by 21:00, please wait until Saturday morning.

As with last year, we will be very easy to find as we will most likely be the only ones in the entire camping area. Please drive around to the right of the site and circle around for drop off.

As far as Young Marine “gear”…dress and pack warm. Dress and pack with the acronym (C.O.L.D.) in mind. Do NOT, I say again, do NOT wear your Young Marine Uniform.

Do NOT bring axes, hatchets, machetes, swords, hunting knifes or anything else that could be deemed excessive. A simple folding (and secured) pocketknife will do.

You ARE permitted to bring your cell phones but do so AT YOUR OWN RISK and responsibility. The Unit will not be held responsible for damaged or lost items not “required” at a campout.

Waivers need to be signed and money paid by the 23rd. We will NOT have waivers at the site and if you haven’t already signed one AND paid for your food (the $25) by the 27th by giving your money to Mrs. Gurley, you will NOT be permitted to stay.

The head facilities at Turkey Run during the winter are nothing short of a large outhouse with metal seats ( I mean that quite literally ) and there are no working showers or running water so PLEASE make note of that information before deciding to commit to this.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this folks, if you can’t bear the cold, you won’t have fun at this encampment. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are as comfortable and as safe as you can be, but nothing can substitute for YOU being prepared yourself, so bring extra socks, maybe a blanket, extra gloves, loose layers, lip balm… you know, use your brain when you’re packing.

WEATHER is supposed to be between 34 and 39 during the day with a slight chance of light snow on Saturday. There is no way to be 100% certain so again, be ready.

Pickup time will be at 16:00 on Sunday the 1st of March. No Young Marine will leave until they do their share of clean-up.


The Presidential Volunteer Service Awards have been ordered.  The website was completely re-done and all information had to be re-eneted or updated so it took a while.  I say again, all 2014 awards have now been ordered.  I am pleased with the order because for the first time in 4 years, I was able to order more GOLD awards than BRONZE or SILVER combined.... This is a true testiment to just how hard our Young Marines and Adults work and how much is given to this program and to the Communities surrounding it's members.  These should be available soon for distribution, I will let you know.

Attention High School Juniors

If you are getting ready to go into your Senior year in high school and you've given any thought to the US Naval Academy, or maybe the Coast Guard?  The Young Marines has asked us to inform you about the following: 




The United States Naval Academy has opened its’ online application for current high school juniors (going into senior year fall 2015) to apply for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) Program.

If not familiar with the NASS Program, it is a six day immersion program that runs throughout June in three sessions:

Session 1 5/30-6/4

Session 2 6/6-6/11

Session 3 6/13-6/18

If you’re thinking about the Naval Academy, this is a great opportunity to visit and participate in academy activities and find out if it’s really what you want…and hopefully become a midshipman at USNA.

Deadline for application submission is 31 March 2015; midnight!

Interested high school juniors can find the online application for NASS at


Travel should be into and out of BWI Airport, Baltimore, where the Academy runs a pick up and drop off shuttle.



The United States Coast Guard Academy will post in early February its’ application for current juniors (entering senior year this fall 2015) to apply for the US Coast Guard Academy Summer Seminar (AIM) Program.

If not familiar with the AIM Program, it is a six day immersion program that runs for three weeks in July. There are three sessions:

Session 1 7/5-7/10

Session 2 7/12-7/17

Session 3 7/19-7/24

Interested high school juniors can find information on AIM and the online application for AIM at:


Deadline for application submission is 1 April 2015

The Speedway Young Marines is a PREMIERE Youth organization for boys AND girls, ages 8 through the completion of high-school.  Our primary focus is DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK.  We believe that discipline begins in the home and is reinforced by positive influence and a healthy, DRUG-FREE lifestyle.  Speedway Young Marines was awarded BOTH the Marine Corps League's Unit Commendation award AND the Young Marine Unit Commendation from National Headquarters in Washington DC for 2013.  

We were also the ONLY Unit in Indiana to be awarded their second consecutive Marine Corps League's Unit Commendation award in 2014.

We were also recently named the 2014 Battalion AND Regiment Unit of the Year  (award pictured above) for 1st Indiana Battalion and the Tri-State Regiment. It is truly an honor to be named the Unit of the Year and we intend on holding true to what that represents

We ARE the best youth organization around, sign up today and we'll prove it to you. 

"You think you rate a ribbon?"  "Well I'm sure you've checked the Awards Manual and made sure right?"  And I'm sure you ALWAYS keep proof too hugh?"  Well Young Marine, if you think you're worthy of wearing more of my ribbons, fill out the form below and turn it to Mrs. Hulett !!"  HOP TO IT"

The button below should take you directly to the National "Speedway" site where you can click on the "fall-in" button at the bottom.  Your "password" is the last 4 digits of your social.  You should check your record book OFTEN and tell an Adult Leader if something is missing.  This record tracks EVERYTHING you have done, are doing and will do in this program and will be here for ever.  Make sure it's up to date and accurate.  Get with an Adult Leader if you come across an error.

boast the ONLY multi-service "remembrance" ceremony in the State of Indiana.  2015 will be the 4th annual "Veterans Remembrance Day."  Join us on September 26th, 2015 on the South steps of the Indiana War Memorial at 6pm for a ceremony you will not soon forget.


As you could probably already tell, Community Service is a very important part of being a Young Marine.  Some Young Marines think that once they get their 50 hours of community service in 12 months, and get that ribbon, they are finished.

We at Speedway Young Marines consider serving our community, an honor and are proud to say that even though we are only the third largest Unit in Indiana, we had over 4,699 hours of combined community service hours last year, smoking the other, larger Units in the State by at least 1,365 hours. 

We pride ourselves in helping others.  We broke our own Community Service record in 2014 and intend on beating our own record again in 2015.  If you are a Speedway Young Marine or are having a Speedway Young Marine do some community service for you, please click on the below form, fill it out, get it signed and turn it in.  We will log all valid hours in the database.  

If, within a week you do NOT see your "submitted" hours in your recordbook (online), please get with Mrs. Hulett to inquire.  Also, it is suggested that you maintain a log of what you've turned in, just in case a form is misplaced.  It doesnt happen very often but it does happen so please consider keeping and having us initial the below log.

Range dates will start again in March.  March 28th is our next Unit range visit.  

124 E Twin Bridges Rd., Danville, IN 46122

Back Row L-R: Mr. Joe Lusignan (Ntn'l DDR Resource Officer) David Hulett (Unit Commander), Keith Gurley (Executive Officer) 

Middle Row L-R: YM/SgtMaj Corin McKee (Division 5 Young Marine of the year, 2013); YM/Cpl Hulett, A; YM/Pvt Smith; YM/PFC Grimme, C;YM/PFC Henk; YM/Cpl Jones; YM/SSgt Gurley, C; Mr Mike Kessler (Naional Executive Director of the Young Marines)

Front Row L-R: Mr. Mac Magana (SgtMaj/USMC Ret and 5th Division Commander); YM/LCpl Davis; YM/Cpl Hardman; YM/Pvt Bond, A; YM/Pvt Bond, C; YM/Pvt Pickard; YM/LCpl Bond, M; YM/GySgt Grimme, P; YM/SSgt Hulett, B

Above; Participants of the 1st Annual, Indiana Young Marines Battalion drill competition, only half of Speedway Young Marines and less than half of Columbus Young Marines participated but it was really a fun time for all.  Each year is sure to get better and more attended.  Congratulations to Columbus Young Marines for getting 1st place.  Not by much so we at Speedway are coming for that trophy next year.  Semper Fi Columbus, we really had a great time.

 The forms for becoming part of our growing family are able to be filled out on your computer through this site so try it out.  Once we receive your application, you will be notified of your lock-in status.  If you have any questions or concerns, regarding the process, cost, or the program itself and can't find the answers here, please go to the "contact usportion of this site and ask away.     

By Registering on this Website, you will instantly become awesome!  SgtMaj Jarhead is waiting, register now.   It's free and you do NOT have to be a Speedway Young Marine to register